SJDLS - Say No To Plastics Week

The week of January 14th, 7th Grade put on a school-wide “Say No To Plastic” event, with the goal of educating our Saint Jeanne community on the importance of reducing and reusing plastic. The planning began in November where students designed a mascot, created questionnaires, relay games, theater and in-class presentations, posters, bookmarks, and t-shirts. 7th-grade Students worked in small teams to create this event. They set goals, analyzed data, wrote scripts, gathered feedback, and created a very impressive professional presentation.

At the end of the week, each 7th grader wrote an essay, reflecting on both their participation in the event the execution of the entire week. Students were happy with the work they did and felt they truly made a difference at our school. One of the most significant changes made through “Say No To Plastic Week”, was moving from plastic to metal utensils in the school cafeteria. We estimated that this alone saved our school and planet 800 pounds of plastic per year! Congratulations to the 7th grade for all of your hard work. You made a difference!

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