8th Grade Tuition and Fees

how to apply

2021 - 2022 8th Grade Tuition and Fees

Fees due and payable at registration:

Eighth Grade ****$755.00 if paid in full by 7/17/21
****$815.00 if paid after 7/20/21
Technology Fee $350 (may be paid in full or monthly payments) Registration

** (Covers books, workbooks, instructional materials, periodicals, art media, standardized testing, library materials, computer software, guest presentations to enhance curriculum, planner, etc.)

*** (Covers all of the above plus the electives fee and science workbook)

**** (Covers all of the above plus graduation expenses, cap & gown rental, socials, brunch, pin, awards, etc. Washington DC trip optional).

Refer a family and receive $300.00 off registration or 1st month’s tuition (Family must register and put referring family name on enrollment agreement to qualify).

Under No Circumstances Will Any Portion of the Registration Fee Be Refunded or Returned.

8th Grade Tuition (Youngest or Only Child) $6,720 $3,360 $672
Sibling $6,222 $3,110 $622
Extended Daycare is not included. The daycare fee is $6.00 per hour, per child until 5:30.

Consequences of Delinquent Accounts:

Returning families will not be able to re-enroll if there is an outstanding balance on account. An appointment with the accounting department can be made to review the account.

Tuition payments are due on time each month, if your payment is not received your account will then be suspended and your student’s status will change to non-attendance, and he/she will not be permitted to return to class until the balance is paid or payment arrangements have been made and accepted by the accounting department.

Families with past due accounts (30 days) will not be able to participate in the extracurricular activities such as: Athletics, performing arts, after school activities, field trips, tutoring, ect. until the account is brought current. If you have any problems paying your tuition or fees, please contact the Accounting Department to discuss payment options.

Other Obligations/Fees

1. Middle School Technology Fee (Mandatory) $340.00 – New incoming middle school students (6th – 8th) $40.00 for the case due upfront, remainder to be paid in full or divided into 10 equal payments. 7th and 8th grade returning students with case, $300.00 to be paid in full or divided into 10 equal payments

2. Development Fee (Mandatory) $250.00 per family. (This fee is to pay back the Sisters of the Company of Mary for monies take out of their retirement fund to build the school). This may be paid monthly or in one lump sum.

3. Fundraising Fee. (Mandatory) $200.00 per family. (This fee is in lieu of multiple fundraisers during the year). The fee will be paid monthly or in one lump sum.

4. Auction Donation (Mandatory) $125.00. This can be given during gift giving week as a cash, or donation item(s).

* Those that choose the one or two payment plan must pay all tuition, development fee and fundraising fee.